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Actinic has produced an excellent guide: 'Successful Selling Online'. Click their logo for more details.

Electonic Payments Explained Simply!

A nice and straightforward site providing the Official UK Guide to Electronic Payments.

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"You handle the goods and we will handle the technology."

We build, operate and maintain Internet trading sites using software developed by Actinic, a leading supplier of secure e-commerce solutions.
  Where the need is for a professional online brochure - we do that too. The Scottish Retailer website lists some examples:

    The Scottish Retailer     

For businesses wanting to sell goods online, then it is crucial to be able to accept online payments.  Remember, it is estimated that over 60% of potential sales are lost if the transaction cannot be completed online.

We can sell you a licence for Actinic products or build the site and then hand it over to you for maintenance and order processing.  Alternatively, we will build the site of a significantly reduced up-front cost and work with you as a trading partner.

Merchant accounts are not always easy to set-up or cost effective for businesses with low initial turnovers.  Furthermore, many of our clients having little actual experience of the Internet, so having payment services alone, without the skills to handle Internet marketing and the technology, leaves too much to chance.

By working alongside the sales, accounts and stores, processing real transactions, we will develop the skills within the company.  In time, this will allow the business managers to make an informed choice between fully integrating the e-commerce work with other systems and work processes, or continuing to outsource the maintenance and/or online sales processes.

Our Credentials:

We are authorised Internet Merchants and have a track record of successful online sales.

We operate using Actinic software - their encryption system is considered by us to provide higher levels of security than that of many larger online shopping services.

Further Information:

Click here for more examples of our online shops, brochure sites and training services>> Examples

Or go to The Scottish Retailer, which is an Internet portal through which small businesses can reach a wider market.


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